Seussical JR. 2 — OH, THE THINKS YOU CAN THINK! .. 2. 3 — HORTON HEARS A WHO. Soundtrack for Musical, ›Finale/Oh, The Thinks You Can Think (Reprise) ›One Feather Tail Of Miss Gertrude McFuzz, The. Oh The Things You Can Think! lyrics by Seussical Jr - lyrics explanations and song meanings. Cat / Oh, the Thinks you can think / If you're willing to try.


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The lively music by Marc Shaiman is crisply pres.


Summer Showbiz moves to the Dunha. Seuss, struggled on Broadway but has become one of the seussical lyrics. What Juliana has written speaks t.

AZ | Seussical The Musical lyrics

Horton the Elephant, the Cat in the Hat and all of your favorite Dr. Seuss characters spring to seussical lyrics onstage in Seussical JR. Inthe world saw the off-Broadway version of the musical.


And init appeared in the West End. Director of seussical lyrics was F. Galati, choreographer — Kathleen Marshall. The latter is the sister of the famous choreographer R.

Seussical The Musical lyrics

While there, Jojo meets Horton, and finds a mutual friend in him "Alone in the Universe". Gertrude, meanwhile, has fallen in love with Horton, but is afraid he does not notice her because of her own tail, which consists of only "one droopy-droop seussical lyrics "The One Feather Tail of Miss Gertrude McFuzz".

At the advice of Mayzie, whose tail is enormous and dazzling, she consumes pills which make her tail grow new feathers.


Horton is ambushed by the Wickersham Brothers, a gang of delinquent monkeys, who steal the clover and make off with it "Monkey Around". Horton gives chase until the Wickershams hand the clover to an eagle named Vlad Vladikoff, who drops it into a large patch of identical clovers "Chasing the Whos".

Seussical lyrics, the Cat cuts briefly into the action to remind the seussical lyrics how lucky they are to not be Horton "How Lucky You Are".

Undeterred, Horton begins to look for the clover, hoping the Whos are still alive, seussical lyrics Gertrude catches up with him and tries to get him to notice her new tail. Horton is too busy, so she leaves to take more pills "Notice Me, Horton".

Horton is about to search his three millionth clover seussical lyrics he loses hope.

Mayzie, sitting in a nearby tree, offers to help him seussical lyrics about the Whos by hatching an egg that she is too lazy to care for "How Lucky You Are Reprise ". Horton reluctantly agrees, and Mayzie leaves for a vacation.


Horton sits through months of harsh weather as he tries to decide between the egg and the Whos "Horton Sits on the Egg" before he is captured by hunters, who seussical lyrics him away along with the entire tree. Gertrude tries to stop the hunters, but cannot fly due to her heavy tail. The Cat closes the act with a reprise of "How Lucky You Are", and conducts the band during the intermission.

At one show in Palm Beach, he meets up with Mayzie, who insists that he keep the egg for himself before leaving "Amayzing Horton". Seuss, Seuss, Seuss Seuss Think of an elephant up in a tree Think of a person too tiny to see Think of a bird with a one-feather tail Going on adventure down a dangerous trail Think a bird who flies off on a spree Think of a kangaroo, sour as can be Think of some monkeys with trouble in store Think of something horrible and hairy Something sinister and scary That you never dared to think of before Think of nobody here And the feeling of fear And the darkness of night ooh All alone in your room As you're facing your doom Think a glimmer of light ah But I hope you're prepared To be scareder than scared 'Cause this ain't mother goose Think right over the brink When you think about Seuss!